Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two Islands of Uh

Location: Uh
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4 hours (10 miles)
Cost: None
Watch out for: Dogs, and the tide - towards the end of your hike, a high tide can have you walking through ankle-deep water

Description: This hike follows a stone path that encircles two islands near the Uh/Madolenihmw border. There is a causeway connecting the first island to the main island, and a bridge connecting the two islands. The first island is an easy hike and follows a well-maintained path. Head to the right on the first island, and you'll cover two-thirds of the island before reaching the bridge to the second.

If you decide to hike the second island, be advised that is a more difficult hike. Again, follow the trail headed to the right. This island is larger and has a less-defined path. In many sections, the trail disappears, and you will need to bushwack up to higher ground. Eventually, you will relocate the trail and find your way around the island.

Returning to the first island, head to your right to complete the island loop. Take the path that leads up - the lower path will dead-end onto a jetty. If you still have energy when you finish, you can swim along the causeway close to a large rock on your right.

Directions: From Kolonia, follow the island-circle road in the direction of Madolenihmw. The turn to park is at the border between Uh and Madolenihmw, and is just before a 'Welcome to Madolenihmw' sign (see image below). Park close the causeway, but make sure to ask the family for permission to park.

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