Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nett Point

Location: Nett
Difficulty: Easy
Length: Varies
Cost: None
Watch out for: Nasty water on the right of the pier

Description: Nett Point is a popular place to picnic and swim, and can be a great walk if you're looking for an easier stroll. The hike can either be an out-and-back route along one of the two roads that leads to the point, or can be taken as a longer loop trail. Alternatively, you can also drive to the point if you're looking for more of a picnic or swim site than a workout. When you're at the point, swim to the left side where the water is cleaner.

Directions: Coming from Kolonia, head toward Nett/Madolenihmw. Just after crossing the bridge, turn left and follow this road out to the point. The second road that leads to the point will meet up with the first one close to the end. If you follow the 'back road' back from Nett Point, it will take you farther down the island road. When you get to the island road from the back road, just turn right to find your way back to the bridge and to Kolonia.

**With great thanks to Ecky and Sam Upritchard for the photos!**