Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dolin Eirike (Triangle Mountain)

Location: Nett
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 5 hours
Cost: $3 for a guide, if desired
Watch out for: Technical footing and hidden trenches at the top

Description: This hike climbs to the top of the triangle-shaped mountain in Nett that is visible from Kolonia. Though not required, a guide is recommended. (You can get in touch with our most recent guide, Rico Rico, by contacting Dennis, Delyla, or Emily for his phone number). The path is well-defined for a while, but will take a turn towards a more rough trail to the left. The path is rocky and at parts eroding, so wear appropriate footwear.

The top of the mountain has an overgrown view of Sokehs Rock and the reef, but more interesting are deep trenches remaining from WWII - hideouts for Japanese soldiers during bombing raids. You can walk along the ridge a ways, but the view remains overgrown.

Directions: From Kolonia, take the island-circle road towards Nett. Just before the bridge crossing the river, turn right at the Nett Government building. Follow this road until you have an opportunity to stay to the right, and keep driving. You will pass a narrow bridge and continue on up hill. Follow the road as long as you can, until the pavement ends. You should see a house similar to the one below on your left. The trail starts directly ahead of you.

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  1. Wow look at that view, it's beautiful. When are we going to hike this? :D