Saturday, February 12, 2011

Overlook in Dien

Location: Kitti
Difficulty: Easy or Moderate
Length: Varies
Cost: $5 for guide (if desired)
Watch out for: Pakin atoll on the horizon

Description: This hike takes you up to a grassy field, from which you can see Black Coral, Anhd, and (if you're lucky), Pakin. The hike follows a relatively easy path up to a grassy point - rather unusual terrain for Pohnpei. If you pack a picnic lunch, it's an easy half-hour walk to the vantage point. If you want more of a workout, continue on through the jungle and climb higher. Your guide can take you through the forest to other grassy points, and the path is relatively clear. It will be steeper and more difficult the higher you climb, earning a moderate rating if you continue on more than an hour.

Directions: Coming from Kolonia, head toward Palikir. Continue past COM-FSM into Dien (close to the boundary of Sokehs and Kitti). Pass the pink house, and turn left at the next road to find the Dien church. Park there, and follow the trail up. If you'd like a guide, call Simon's Market and ask for Eddie.

**With great thanks to Huyen Reynolds for the photos!**