Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sokeh's Rock (Paipalap)

Location: Sokeh's Island
Difficulty: Difficult
Length: 1.5 hours, plus time to explore the top
Cost: None
Watch out for: Rain - this is a dry weather only hike
Description: Climb to the top of Pohnpei's most famous landmark, Sokeh's Rock. This is a hike that is half jungle, half rock-climb. The trail starts from the Sokehs-island-circle road and climbs rather quickly up through the jungle. Its a good idea to warm up by parking at the elementary school and walking a short distance before starting the climb. The path through the jungle is well-marked. Continue until you come to a tree tied with ropes headed to your right.

Climb the ropes to scale across several tree roots until you come to a pipe leading up. Follow the pipe, using the rope and footholds to assist you. When you get to the top of this portion, you will see a long pipe and a rope leading up to the top of the Rock. Climb away - there are plenty of footholds, so take the time needed to find secure footing.

At the top, walk through the low bushes, pineapple plants, and a small group of trees to find the exposed rock surface. Enjoy the view! The way down is the same as the way up.

Directions: From Kolonia, pass the Rusty Anchor on the way out of town towards Kitti. Instead of turning left to climb up past the big Mormon complex, stay straight and cross the bridge onto Sokeh's Island. Turn right at the fork, and follow along until you find an elementary school on the right. Park here, and walk along the road for about ten minutes until you see the stairs that start the trail on the left side of the road (pictured below).

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