Sunday, October 24, 2010


Location: U
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 5 hours+
Cost: $5 for guide
Watch out for: Sheer drops at viewpoints

Description: This hike follows a well travelled path up to the top of the mountain above Pahn Tikai. It's a high peak and offers spectacular views, several WWII bunkers and guns, and beautiful mossy growth. Its a long hike, but isn't terribly technical. There are a few steep points, but most of the path follows the old 'road' used to move equipment to the top during the war. Along the way there are many points of interest, including a meadow, an overlook of Nett, a communication pipe, a crater left behind by an Allied strike, an overlook of the two islands of U, and an overlook of Madolenihmw.

You can arrange a guide through the Conservation Society of Pohnpei by calling their office.

Directions: Leaving Kolonia town, take the island circle road towards Madolenihmw. The hike should start somewhere between the Catholic church on the right at the road leading to Pahn Tikai. Arrange a meeting place with your guide and he will show you where to park.

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