Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pahn Takai (Bat Cave) Waterfall

Location: Uh
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Length: 1 hour, plus time to climb around the bat cave and/or waterfall
Cost: $3/hiker to cross private land, pay at the bottom of the road
Watch out for: Dogs on the road portion, and slippery rocks nearing the waterfall

: The Pahn Tikai hike usually starts from the island-circle road and involves a very steep climb along a paved road. It can be a great workout, but if you're pressed for time or lack the workout interest, a strong car can take you to the top of the road. Once the road ends, follow the dirt path to a well-maintained jungle path. When the path forks, follow the upper trail. The jungle portion is relatively short, and will end at an eerily dry overhang under the waterfall.

You can climb up to explore the bat cave above you, or scramble down to shower in the waterfall. There is no pool to swim in at Pahn Tikai. Following the dry portion to the end, you will find a stone stacked above dried leaves to your left. Local lore says that adding a new leaf to the pile will bring good luck.

To return, follow the same trail back. Enjoy the view of the reef from the road on your climb back down!

Directions: From Kolonia, take the island-circle road in the direction of Madolenihmw. Pass Awak, the Village, and the large church in Uh. After the church, continue for a few miles and look for the intersection pictured below on your right. Either park on the side of the road (check with the store owners first), or turn right to drive up the road (stopping to pay the family at the bottom of the road).

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