Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Location: Nett
Difficulty: Difficult
Length: 3 hours
Cost: $3/person for the guide
Watch out for: Lots of loose rocks at the top, lots of sakau along the trail

Description: This is an uncommon hike up to some stunning rocks in Nett. The area features small waterfalls and WWII guns, as well as the rock face and cave outlook pictured. The path scrambles up through overgrown jungle before reaching an open rocky base of a tall but thin waterfall.

If desired, you can continue a small portion longer (through the waterfall and over treacherous footing - be careful) to find a bat cave. If you pass through the bat cave you'll find an amazing view of Kolonia and Sokeh's Rock.

Directions: Arrange for a guide with Rico Rico (922-1596), and meet up with him somewhere in Nett. Take the road out of Kolonia towards Awak, but turn right at the Nett government building - the road just before the bridge.


  1. Hello,

    Im booking a trip to Pohnpei, Kosrea and a few other places soon and are looking for campsites and lots of hiking. I cant find much on campsites, and ideas on pohnpei. Were coming from Hawaii so similar terrain and weather. any suggestions would be great. Thanks

  2. Hi Kevin,

    The only places I've ever camped here have been on reef islands such as And atoll, Black Coral, or Nahlap. There aren't campsites in a traditional sense - the easily-reached land is mostly privately owned; the public land in the center of the island requires a guide. I've camped in the interior during a two-day hike to the highest/second-highest peak (a hike I'm hoping to post about over the holidays), but nowhere else on Pohnpei proper. Do you have a plan for where you'll be staying?

  3. We dont have an exact plan yet of where to stay. Were trying to figure all those logistics out first before we book our trip. thanks for the info though. Your blogs are great to in helping me plan a few hikes while on the island. Cant wait to get there. Any suggestions on your favorite hikes? We both hike all the time and can handle pretty much any kind of hike. Thanks agian