Saturday, October 16, 2010

Liduduhniap Waterfall

Location: Nett
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 15-20 minutes
Cost: $1 (you may be charged more if you are carrying a camera)
Watch out for: Flash floods

Description: This is a very easy double waterfall just outside of Kolonia. The walk is along a road the entire way, and with the exception of a couple steeper points, is very easy. To make it more of a workout, park farther down the road. To make it a quicker trip, park closer to the fall.

The top fall has a good 20-foot jump from the side. Once you're in the water, there's a cave to explore, or a fallen tree trunk to climb on. When you're ready to return to the top, exit the water on the opposite side. There's a path up to the top through the jungle, and you'll cross back over the river just before the waterfall.

The second fall is much taller, and there are too many rocks at the bottom for jumping. Its a great pool for swimming.

For both falls, be careful of flash flooding. If the water is particularly gushing or is filled with leaves and debris from up-river, don't swim. The statue at the top of the path commemorates a handful of athletes drowned in a flash flood some years ago.

Directions: From Kolonia, take the island-circle road towards Nett. Just before Genesis hospital, turn right at the sign pointing to Liduduhniap Falls. Follow this road past the jail, past a rough stretch, until you come to an old hydroelectric plant. You can park at the plant and walk 15 minutes to the falls, or continue to drive up (if your car can handle the road). When you come to a fork in the road, turn left, and continue until you come to a house on the right. Pay at the house (pictured below) and then follow the trail starting on the left side of the street, to the right of the statue.

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